We’re Loving Yoga With Adriene (and her dog Benji)

Photo credit: Zoltan Tasi

This is with thanks to my sister in-law (who is a yoga teacher herself) for sharing with me her newfound love of ‘Yoga with Adriene’.

I had already tried (and paid for) other online yoga classes that turned out to be pretty meh, but she raved about this free yoga class so much that I bookmarked it and gave it a go the very next day. Guys. I was totally hooked after just one class.

Adriene’s playful and easy to be with, her classes are fluid and gentle, yet deliciously challenging, and I can’t tell you how much I love the way my body sings afterwards.

We’ve linked to her at home 30 day yoga journey, but there’s loads more for you to choose from. And being half hour sessions, they’re pretty easy to squish into your day.

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