Where Is The Love?

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

We live in a world where we are constantly told that whatever we have is never enough. We need these shoes, this car, that house, that phone, that diet. We’re told we need to be more spiritual, more ambitious, more happy (ugh!).

No wonder people are always looking at what others have thinking, wow! They are so lucky. And that’s the problem. If we are always looking at what others have and comparing it with what we have, we will never be happy. Not in love. And not with our lives.

I am approached on a regular basis about how lucky I am to be with my partner in crime. Like we live some surreal, lavish celebrity lifestyle. I will be the first to admit how lucky I am and how much I love the person I am with and the life we live. We love one another. We love our home. Our crazy zoo. Our friends. Our families. But that does not mean we do not have hard times. Challenges. Shit days … hell shit months!

Those who know me well know I am extremely moody and difficult … but the key to everything is that deep, pervasive gratitude for one another and what we have. I don’t want someone else’s happiness, someone else’s money, their home, or their friends … I am simply happy to have what I have.

Does that mean there are days I don’t want to deal with my corporate job or go to my husband’s gigs? Of course! But that shit is going be real no matter who you are. So for those reflecting on what you may not have, don’t have … whatever. Fall in love with your life just as it is.

Be happy with your singleness, your sadness, your success, or even your mediocrity (everything is relative), your relationships, your home, your car, or maybe even just your Uber app … because that’s what you have right now.

Love is so much about your attitude towards what you have and with whom you share your life.

Keep perspective and don’t ever be fooled into thinking that other people do not struggle or have similar challenges. We all do. So try be kind. To yourself first. And then to others. Every day. Not just on Hallmark days.

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