To The Dreamer In You

Photo credit: Smile Su

People say dream big. They say that when you dream big you’ll open doors, reach new heights, and become a smashing success. They say you’ll make more money, have more fun, and live happily ever after.

But take it from someone whose head is constantly in the clouds, whose been dreaming big ever since she was old enough to gaze out of classroom windows …

It’s not enough just to dream.

Yes, our dreams feed us, they push us, they whisper, tease and tickle us. They keep us going, give us something to reach for, something to yearn for. But for most of us, our dreams seem so impossible that they feel more like far-fetched fantasies than a probable reality. They’re like mythical creatures always dancing just out of our reach.

That’s why if we really want our big crazy dreams to come true, we have to turn them into goals.

Yes. Ugh. Goals. Why? Because goals are tangible. They’re real. They’re a definite direction, a place to go. Goals are precise plans that you consciously set and measure. They’re much more than wishful thinking. Goals come with objectives, which in turn come with deadlines and a string of actions plastered on a nicely ordered to-do list that just won’t go away until you actually get off your butt, get it done, and tick it off the list.

That’s how you move forward. That’s how you get shit done. You come up with a plan to make that dream real. You make up a list of all the tiny little steps you need to take to climb that big, badass mountain, and you take all those tiny little steps, one at a time.

For years I clung fast to my dreams, my big ‘scary’ writing directing ambitions – and yeah, those dreams were the fire within me that never died, never wavered, but without a plan they were just pretty pictures in my head and fuzzy feelings in my heart. I was wandering, meandering, taking the scenic routes because there weren’t any maps to follow. Because I hadn’t created any maps to follow. I was a dreamer, and I was directionless.

Sometimes I’d feel like a leaf on the water – at the mercy of bigger, swifter, stronger currents. It was only when I started turning my dreams into goals that I actually had a direction, that I started to feel more in control, that I actually started to consciously sculpt my dreams into something real. I even got down and dirty and created a structured business plan. And even though I’m the only one who’s even seen that business plan, I’m the only one who really needs to.

Dreams are things that could miraculously ‘somehow’ happen to us, goals are the things we work our asses off to make happen. When we turn our dreams into goals, we’re actively taking on the responsibility to make our dreams come true. While our dreams burn inside us, our goals put us in the driver’s seat, make us the mistresses of our fate, and the captains of our souls.

I like being the captain of my soul.

So dream, dream, dream. Dream big, beautiful dreamer. And then plan and plot and scheme. Because if you draw your own map home, you’ll fall amongst the stars.

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