This Is For The Misfits

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There is comfort in the status quo and how it currently operates, there is that ‘comfortable numbness’, and yes, there are those who don’t like their foundations to be rocked … but this isn’t for them. This is for you.

This is for the misfits.

What I’m sharing now is for those humans who have a desire to connect to nature, for the humans who want to suck the marrow out of life, and explore the unknown. For those who are the misfits, the outsiders, those who never really hacked fitting into the marque tent where all the games go down.

It for those of us who operate on the periphery because we cannot adapt or create enough of an avatar.

It’s for those of us who find pretending hard. And painful.

For you, right here, right now, these are some of my life hacks that can help you to step outside of the veil of separation and misery … and see what waits for you in the unknown.

  • Know this:  you don’t grow old. You just grow. Or you stop growing completely.
  • Age is only what happens when you deplete your life force by doing things you don’t love, when you serve your fears and addictions.
  • Sometimes you rely on rules when you don’t actually need the rules.
  • Be aware that there’s still a distinct chance that you have become automated in so many parts of your life, habituated in your lifestyle, repeating the same conversation with the same people in the same places. But you can step out of it.
  • The delusion of control may be a security blanket, but it limits your experiences in life immensely.
  • There are consequences for each action we take, the intended ones and the unintended ones. Living a life in denial (pretending) is a sure way to accumulate unintended consequences that you will spend your life trying to resolve, instead of actually living your own life.
  • We have to face the darkness in ourselves, we have to accept that it is part of the human experience, if you cannot do this, you will never be able to meet and connect completely with another human being.
  • Jealousy, hatred and judgement close the doors to opportunities, to inspiration, to the magic of unknown experiences. In fact, they close all doors. It is the total shutdown of the collective connection.
  • Striving for excellence, offering your highest truth, contributing your passion and interest to the society of humans, can only be done if you serve something bigger than your own desires and physical pleasures.
  • Trees don’t grow old, they become majestic.
  • Love is the only thing that can show you what freedom from your delusions looks like.
  • Fear is smaller than love.

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Natasha van Zyl AKA Jellybean
Natasha van Zyl AKA Jellybean is a behavioural change therapist who happens to be classified as autistic, AdHd, dyslexic and bipolar. But determined to share the love that overflows from her heart for other people, she has worked with families with special needs children, and learned about the grace of love, acceptance and the bonds that grow between people when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. She offers guidance and healing for matters of the heart, relationships, and emotional turmoil.