Pulling Apart and Pulling Together (Over And Over And Over Again)

I don’t know how many times I’m going to spin and whirl and shatter within these cycles, I just know that somehow I am utterly, utterly different.

The Consciousness Button

When you know more than you want to know …

The Demented Emotions Of Lockdown

There were times when I felt like my mind was sliding down the walls of my skull

Humans And Adversity

Rediscover your own authentic truth.

Finding The Grace In This Moment

This brought me such love, such peace, it flushed warm tears down my cheeks.

My Meditation For Fear And Anxiety

The meditation that melted away my fear.

The Energies They Bring

As often as you can, give yourself the chance to get a sense of yourself without other people’s energies bouncing off you. A chance to detox. To come back to your full self.

The Limitation Of Fear

Straight from the doctor’s mouth!

The Softening

Softening is not weakness. Softening is strength. A very powerful strength.

Sing To Your Inner Critic!

There is a strange power in our childhood songs. They carry such deep, mysterious solace that we should be launching into them more often.