candles lit in support of people fighting cancer

Hope And Cancer And The Things That Could Be

Never underestimate the power of family. Or the feeling of being wanted.
Cancer caregiver

It’s Not Just About The Cancer Patient

The cancer journey is intense. And not just for the ones fighting the disease. Remember the silent soldiers too.
woman living with bipolar

7 Things You Need To Unlearn About People With Bipolar Disorder

‘My bipolar isn’t about you, you fucking ego-manic’ – and other bipolar truths.

Superwoman Is Only A Part-Time Job

If you’re beating yourself up for not being the superhero, read this. It’ll take you less than 2 minutes. Even at human speed.

Drowning In Self Doubt? Here’s Your Lifejacket

You may not have the strength to move an entire mountain, but you will always have the strength to turn a stone.

Uni’s Not The Only Way

There are more ways than one.

Balance Is Not A Bicycle

We’re not machines. Life isn’t a pie. And balance is not a bicycle. So forget about trying to be the perfect everything. Make some simple rules. And then break them. A little like this …
ambition can be a lonely road

Don’t Let Ambition Smash Your Happy

When you realise you've put all your happy eggs into one basket.
woman living with bipolar

The Day They Told Me I Had A Mental Illness

I’d never felt so found and so lost on one day.