My Meditation For Fear And Anxiety

Photo credit: Alice Alinari

Good days and bad days right? On the good days you’re the Mary Poppins of optimism no matter what you’re facing. But then there are those other days, the shitty ones, like the ones when fear has you by the throat.

That’s what my fear does. Constricts me by the throat like a python, its head exploding in my head, its tail rattling my heart and its poison running through my veins like lead.

And I try, I try not to reach for my pills.

As big as my fear feels, it’s still smaller than me. Somehow. But I don’t always know what to do with it. Just sitting with it and acknowledging it only seems to feed it lately rather than dissipate it, and I don’t know what it’s saying to me other than fuckin’ ‘AAAAARRRRGGGGG!’

They say that emotion is where the mind meets the body, and so I knew that to step out of the fear I had to step out of the mind, but nothing I did was working and the snake around my throat just gripped me tighter and tighter.

And then The Universe pulled me into a meditation that melted all that fear away, leaving me with such peace that it’s totally worth sharing.

So if you’re wrapped up in your own fear or worry or anxiety right now, give this a go …

Imagine you are standing in front of a pool of calm, still water. Allow your imagination to make it exquisitely beautiful … until it’s so inviting you couldn’t possibly resist stepping in.

As you step closer to the pool, you slowly shed your mind like an outer shell, an old skin, or a cloak, leaving it behind as you step into the water.

The water is perfect. The soft sounds are mesmerising. And you give into it all, floating gently on your back.

It’s so sublime the way the water so completely holds your body.

It’s so sublime the way the tension in your body melts away.

It’s so sublime the way you feel such absolute weightlessness.

And as you float, you set your imagination free, you let her play. You let her whisper clusters of flowers into being, or to sprinkle wild butterflies into the air, or to sweep in the golden glow of a ripe and heavy moon. Whatever lifts your heart. Whatever feeds your soul.

This is your space … give yourself permission to be here for as long as you want.

Just floating …

… floating …

… weightlessly floating.

This meditation was like Xanax for me. Better than. And as an added boost, I nourished my heart with a little love and encouragement from a friend, shut down my news access, and detoxed from social media.

There. Better.

I hope you find your peace.

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