It’s All About Choice

Photo credit: shifaaz-shamoon

Tyrese Gibson once said that life is a menu, and whatever you order is delivered to the table.

I’ve always loved that quote, but I think I was quite unprepared for just what kind of menu life would be.

When we are born, we are affected by choices that others make for us. How and where we are. Whether we’re loved or abandoned. The country we live in. The political landscape. The neighbourhood we grow up in. The schools we are able to attend. The clothes we wear. The diet we consume. The media we’re exposed to. The family foundation within a home. The celebrations of birthdays and the family experiences we are grateful to have.

These daily and mostly subliminal choices set the foundation for the winding path that later becomes the architecture of our lives. They play a significant role in carving our future being, our personality and our success in life. Our happiness. Our strengths and weaknesses. The tears shed in the quiet moments in between. The lessons learned and the journey forward. The beginnings and the endings.

As we grow older we become greater and more significant role players in our own lives. The choices become joint, until we reach adulthood and accept more responsibly for our own unravelling destiny.

The effort we put in. The rewards reaped. The opportunities presented and seized. The people affecting our choices begin to morph to those we love. Those we hate. Those we labour for. Those we birth. Those we care and tend to. Those we will never forget.

Choice can hold sad regret, or it can hold the warmth of happiness. The choices of yesterday can fade and blend into the greater pattern of life, or hold such profound effect they are never forgotten. Sometimes they leave scars. Sometimes they leave a legacy.

It’s a never ending menu. Pages that present daily. So choose to rise every day and embrace exhilaration. Choose to live and savour each moment. Choose to love totally and completely. Choose to live life like there actually is no tomorrow. And choose to never stop dreaming.

Grasp the menu with both hands and eat like your hunger will never end.

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