Why I Don’t See Psychics Anymore

Photo credit: Aaron Burden

Psychics. Tarot card readers. Palm readers. Astrologers. Numerologists … I’d seen them all. A lot. And every time, my question was the same, ‘Am I going to be a writer one day?’

I was obsessed. From the age of 9 I knew that I wanted to be a writer, and as a young adult I was desperate for confirmation that I was on the right path. Was I talented? Would I be successful? Could I actually do it? But none of the psychics I saw ever said yes. So I kept searching.

I wanted somebody to tell me that I was ‘born to be a writer’. That it was my destiny. I didn’t realise that all I was actually doing was totally disempowering myself. I forgot that we get to choose what we want to do with our lives. That we get to make our own decisions. That if we fall, we get to pick ourselves up again.

The psychics eventually faded away, but the dream still burned in my heart. So I followed that burning heart and carved my own path. And despite the fact that no psychic ever said I would be a writer one day, I still became one. I write. I write every single day. I’ve even managed to turn it into something of a day job.

Nobody ever told me that one day I would ghostwrite books that would be published, nobody ever told me how I would fall into writing and directing short films or how crazy-in-love I would be with filmmaking. Nobody ever even hinted at the possibility that one day I would write radio ads or blogs or articles or books or TV shows or screenplays … but it happened.

It happened because I wanted it to. Because I knew what I wanted to do. Because I worked my ass off. Because I never gave up. And I’ve promised myself that I will never give anyone that kind of power again. The power to decide my destiny. To decide what would be right for me and what wouldn’t. What I could be and what I couldn’t.

The unknown future can be a little unsettling. Often scary. Sometimes terrifying. What made it a little easier for me was realising that it would be worse to not try at all than it would be to try and fail. And suddenly I was willing to fail spectacularly. I was going to do this. And I was going to do it my way. Despite everything.

If I was ever again tempted to see a psychic for a future reading, I would say this to myself first …

Lighten up and trust yourself. Do what you love. Don’t be afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Learn. Grow. Be grateful for everything you have. And don’t ever give up.

You’ve got this.

2020 Update: And now I have come full circle all over again. There was a season in my life where I abandoned spirit and delved into the mind, working it, reprogramming it, and then finally, finally, I fell back into spirit again. And I now find myself in a new season, a new cycle, where they are integrated, both mind and spirit. Because now I know there is a place for them both.

And so yes … I have changed my mind again. I found a new healer who, as part of her practice, just happens to work with Vedic astrology (as well as consulting the Ascended Masters), and always, the knowledge she shares with me is so healing, so empowering, so from truth and joy and love and knowingness that it would be a total disservice to her and others like her to leave this article without my rediscovered trust beyond the veils.

I forgot how much we need higher knowledge, how finely it can tune us, how beautiful the process can be … if it comes from light … and it must always come from light.

That said, this is not about seeking validation for following your passions or blossoming into the person you want to be … be careful still not to give your power away. Because we beings have the power within us to rise above our charted stars, above our destined challenges, above anything, really … and we only have to follow our hearts

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