The Unknown

Photo credit: Alexandru Zdrobau

We are in the unknown. There’s no doubt about it now. As a global community in the throes of a pandemic, we have no idea what’s going to happen next. But then again, we never really did.

Because we have always been in the unknown. We have always existed in a state of the unforeseen … we were just blissfully unaware of that fact. The perceived security we found in jobs or savings or schedules has been dusted away, leaving us naked in the face of something we don’t recognise.

We don’t know when this will end, or how it will play out, or how we’ll be able to support ourselves and look after our families, and if we give into those fears now we’ll only tear ourselves apart.

But we can take comfort in the realisation that we have always faced the unknown … because despite it all, somehow, we’ve always been okay.

The only difference now is that we’re aware. And with this awareness comes great strength.

And that strength flows through us so freely when we reach into those moments of our lives when we rose like warriors and went far beyond anything we ever imagined we were capable of. Because no matter how small, we’ve all done something that’s surprised our own selves.

So no matter how brief those moments were, remember that you rose … blind and bare, and maybe even scared … you rose.

And in this too you will rise. It’s in your very nature to.

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