This Is How You Connect To Your Heart

Photo credit: Jakob Owens

Our hearts are wiser than our minds could ever hope to be. We’re beginning to remember this. But how to get out of the mind and into the heart is somehow less remembered. This is the search I’ve been on lately, but nothing’s really got me there, not my meditations, not my breathwork, not my yoga, not anything … and then my soul whispered to me I had it all backwards.

I was doodling with the intention of connecting to my heart (again), on a total mission to get in touch, to feel, to know, to be, when this message came to me … ‘You’ve got it backwards. It’s not that we must connect to our hearts, it’s that we must allow our hearts to connect to us.’

And that changes everything.

Because when we try to connect, it’s the same as reaching towards a fading dream; the further we stretch the fingers of our minds, the deeper the dream recedes. The intangible can be so elusive that way.

So simply allow your heart to do what it does: love.

We all know how to love. So love everything. Love the easy things like the birds singing on a spring morning. Like the earth under your feet. Love the colour of the sky and the sound of the ocean. Love the moon hanging low and the peace that comes with it. Love the beings in your life and art and music and dance.

Love the random things like the mottled pencil sharpener on your desk. The dog barking down the road. Love the piece of paper in front of you. The laptop humming in the background. The stone in your shoe. Your shoe.

Love the tricky things like that extra roll of fat around your belly. The pimple on your chin. The way you’re feeling right now. Love the uncomfortable. The difficult. Love the voice in your head even when you don’t agree with it.

Love everything. Love completely. Love without question. Love with your whole heart and allow your entire being to be drenched in this heavenly feeling.

That is how we really connect to our hearts and experience the all-encompassing magic of love.

Because now we’re not trying to connect with anything … because we are already connected. Just like that.

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