A Letter Of Love For Our Darkest Moments

Photo credit: Hector Gomez

I wrote this for me, which means I wrote it for us all … we are not alone in this experience.

I see you in the darkness
Swirling, stumbling
The winds slashing at your face
The mud pulling at your feet

I see the tears you’re trying to hold back
And the scream you’re trying to hold in

I see how lost you think you are
How torn apart
How alone you’ve learnt to be
How broken from the stars
I see the wounds in your heart
The pain you’re sinking in
The apparent bleakness of everything

I see you
And all the things you worry you’re doing wrong
I see every word that’s pierced your soul
Every blade that’s cut your being

But you are not in the darkness my darling
And you are not alone
You are flying at the edge of the most exquisite light
In the full power of you
You are perfect
So beautiful
So alive in the wonder of you
You are everything you need to be
And we are all right here with you
Flying by your side

Because my beautiful,
My beautiful,
You have never been more alright

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