Find Your Winning Exercise Routine

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Exercise is so incredibly beneficial for both the body and the mind that we should really stop thinking of it as an ‘added extra’ in our lives and start actively scheduling it into our daily routines. Be that as it may, there are a few things to look at when choosing a method or exercise routine that will fit into your lifestyle and be beneficial to your body.

So here are some questions to help you find your wining exercise routine.

1. What is your goal?

Without a clear reason for wanting fitness in your life, it will only be a short-term project. Find a picture, a motivating word, or write down what fitness means to you and why you have chosen to do this.

2. AM or PM?

Do you greet the day with openness and optimism, or do you feel more alive when the sun starts to set? Working with your own body’s natural rhythm makes everything easier when your mind is sharper and focused on your movements. Concentration is underestimated when it comes to exercise.

3. What do you enjoy?

Do you like to feel the blood pumping and being pushed to the limit each workout, or do you enjoy the tranquil, but challenging space of an intense pose that fully engages the body? There are so many different kinds of workouts that you can choose from and even mix together. Cross training (a combination of different exercise routines) benefits the body the most – and you cover different systems (toning muscles, cardio, flexibility, etc.).

4. Medical conditions

This is very important. This factor will help you make the correct choice in your exercise routine. What will benefit MY body? If you have a condition like Osteoporosis, there are a number of exercises that are contra-indicated, but please note that the right exercise will actually improve and support your body. Make sure that you also have a qualified instructor who can safely guide you through your routines.

5. Can you do this anywhere?

To be consistent with health and fitness, things should flow or adjust with our lives. If you are away from your chosen fitness facility, can you still maintain a routine while on holiday or away on business?

6. Just have fun!

Life’s challenges are all around us anyway, so why add to this by choosing something you absolutely dislike? Once you have a fitness routine that you enjoy, then you can start adding more challenges to the recipe. Building the habit of exercise might take a while, but once it is part of your routine, you have won!

Know that you are enough, value yourself, and set the path that brings the best
YOU to the world!

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Salomé Favre-Bulle
Salomé Favre-Bulle is a Pilates instructor and entrepreneur in the fitness & health industry. She owns a health facility in Rivonia, specialising in pain management, sport rehabilitation and nutrition. When she is not assisting clients on their wellness journey, she is a mom to two energetic and inquisitive children, and is currently part of a global project that empowers people to take hold of their health through nutrition.