Brokenness Taught Me This

Photo credit: Ahmad Odeh

I don’t think any life is free from some kind of tragedy or adversity. Even if it’s just a few scratches and bruises in our hearts and our in souls, I don’t think any being ever gets to leave this existence entirely unscathed.

But no matter what kind of darkness has swallowed me, I’ve always found a beauty in it. Or beside it. Sometimes even in spite of it.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without being broken along the way. Good and bad, but hopefully, mostly for the good.

This is what my brokenness has taught me …

• Firstly, you won’t always be broken.
• You can survive more than you think you can.
• You have hidden strengths that will bloom exactly when you need them to.
• Different hurts heal in different ways.
• Don’t hurry your own healing – she will take her own good time.
• No matter how dark this day, there will never be another one exactly like it. Darkness fades too.
• There are at least a thousand shades between black and white. Emotionally speaking, definitely.
• You can be ridiculously happy and sad in the same moment … emotions don’t wait in line for their turn to play it out.
• While it’s not easy to be in the moment, being in the moment is one of the easiest ways to be.
• Be careful who you surround yourself with because they’ll either lighten your burden or bury you under it.
• Hold them tight and hug them hard, because one day you may only be able to hold them gently, and one day, not at all.
• Live with your whole heart. And nothing less.
• Forgiveness is unimaginably liberating.
• Do everything you can to love yourself a little more, and more, and more.
• Be creative in your version of being okay, and you will be okay. I promise.
• Tiny steps. Lots and lots of tiny steps.

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