I Think Energy Healing Just Vanquished My Depression

Photo credit: Elia Pellegrini

I never thought about turning to energy healing for depression before. I don’t know why; I live half in this world, half in another anyway. It just never crossed my mind. But now that I’ve rediscovered this ancient form of healing, it’s become like some kind of magical key for me, another beautiful way of finding life and freedom within and beyond my bipolar diagnosis.

Because for the first time in years, my depression has utterly vanished.

After my father died, grief and PTSD twisted my bipolar into something I didn’t understand anymore. I suddenly found myself rapid cycling, fluttering between fleeting highs and downward spirals like too many moths to too many flames until it all finally settled into the longest and most debilitating depression of my life.

Normally I would just ride out the depression, as I would ride out a bipolar high, but this was different. This was initiation by fire. I needed to take all my bipolar coping skills to a whole new level. And I needed to be fierce about it.

Healing depression naturally has always been a core focus for me.

I’ve always wanted to avoid the pharmaceuticals as much as possible. I wanted to honour what I was experiencing, live by my own terms, and bring my own self, no matter how battered or broken, to my own light.

A renewed and focussed daily gratitude practice was my first step towards that light. And then daily meditation. And then whatever exercise I could manage, even if it was just 10 minutes of yoga. Getting my sleeping patterns back into sync, finding a new balance in my daily routine, playing with stillness, creating sacred rituals, embedding healthy triggers, art therapy, talking therapy, eating for my body (eating for my hormones especially) … I did all of it.

I started noticing a change during that long, drawn-out depression.

Instead of having only one ‘good’ day a month, I eventually started having one good day a week. A day when I could get out of bed, brush my teeth, do some work, and not yearn for the end of my life. So I started tracking my good days and my bad days, and over the years I was healing my depression enough so that I was only having one or two bad days a week. But those bad days were still there.

And even then, I still didn’t think about working with energy healing for depression. I don’t know why. Energy healing used to be my go-to treatment option for every ailment when I was growing up. But somehow that practice was discarded and forgotten about along the way. And then Suraya Sophia came into my life.

Energy healers can be powerful. When they’re the real deal.

Not so long ago, a friend was raving about this healer who had almost shifted mountains for her. Again and again. It was not the first time that my friend was telling me about Suraya and her incredible healing gifts, but it was the first time that I sat up and took notice. And so I reached out.

And even then I still wasn’t looking to energy healing for depression. At the time, it was more about creating energetic shifts in other areas of my life where I felt stuck. I didn’t even think about what this kind of healing could do for the depression or the fatigue … but what followed my first healing session with Suraya was seriously nothing short of profound.

My depression vanished.

Gone. It was just gone. I had been dealing with depression for over three years and then suddenly it wasn’t there anymore. It’s been over 10 weeks since my first session with Surya (on Zoom no less!), and still, the depression is gone, gone, gone. It’s by far the longest I have been out of its dark clutches since my dad died.

Quite simply, I’ve hit a euphoria. A beautiful space where I can fall in love with life again.

A few weeks after Suraya’s energy healing, I wrote these words … ‘It’s amazing how I now literally feel life pulsing in my body. I can feel life. So much so that I’m thinking I must have been undead before. Because that’s how different these states of being are for me. I finally feel like I understand those people who love life, who want to savour every glorious nuance of every moment, who are excited about the next adventure around the corner. My dad was like this. He wanted to live forever, to be only middle aged at 100. I could never understand it; life was already too long for me, too painful, a mostly sad and aching and weary trudge. But I’m starting to feel like me again. Both me as the magical child I once was, and me, as the wiser, stronger woman I’ve become. It’s sublime, this feeling. It’s been hidden (or missing, I’m not sure which) from me for too long. Thank you Suraya!’

Her energy healing crossed time zones and continents and oceans.

Her healing crossed the internet too. And more than just a lightworker, she’s a spiritual life coach too, like a spiritual cheerleader in a way, someone always in your corner. The energy imprint of her love, encouragement, and uplifting words stay with me for a long time after our sessions, and the blend of her life-coach approach and her energy healing is an alchemy that is both indelible and incredible.

And even though I’ve been feeling so amazing since that first healing session with Suraya, I pointedly took my time in writing this piece. Because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t fooling myself. Or you. I wanted to know for sure that energy healing for depression can actually work … and for me, I can say it totally has.

And I’ll never look back.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and this should not be taken as medical advice. I am just another human with bipolar trying to find my way to balance, and to do it as naturally as possible. But sometimes medical intervention is needed. Our healing is an ongoing and multifaceted process, and it needs to be done with care and under the guidance of medical practitioners. Your doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists should be on this journey with you. Don’t do it alone. If you are battling to cope with your bipolar, or with any mental health issue, please reach out to a professional immediately.

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