The Book That Was My Creative Revolution

The Artist’s Way. Have you heard of it? In certain circles it’s legendary. Every creative person I know has either read it or intends to read it.

But don’t think you need to be an artist or a writer, an actor, or a singer, or any kind of creative professional to read this book. It’s for anybody who wants a little more creativity in their lives. Even if it’s just about a wilder expression in home cooked meals.

And you know what? It’s a beautiful, beautiful book.

It’s basically a guided DIY 12 week course (I took double the time to do it); a gentle, poignant, and creative excavation that brings your creative spirit home and ignites your creative fire more deeply than you could imagine.

The Artist’s Way inspired me to be more fearless in my work. It reminded me of long-forgotten and ridiculously simple childhood joys that once rediscovered, dripped with promise and wonder. It expanded my creative horizon, and then helped me sculpt it. But most importantly, it helped me understand my creative self, taught me how to be kind to her, how to respect her, and how to feed her.

This book was a creative watershed for me.

It’s written with deep honesty, vulnerability, and wisdom by Julia Cameron, a writer director who, when she stopped drinking was suddenly terrified by the idea of being ‘sane, sober, and creative.’ Would her writing stop now that her drinking had stopped?

It didn’t. She learned how to get out of the way and allow the creative force to work through her. Her writing became ‘more like eavesdropping and less like inventing a nuclear bomb.’

This is her journey. And now it has become ours. For all of us who want any kind of creativity in our lives. Whether soul purpose or just a bit of recreational fun.

I remain forever changed by this book. And so could you.

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