In A Rush To Heal

Photo credit: Garidy Sanders

Even though I’m in better spaces these days, there are still lingering issues and conditions I need to find my way through. But typical me, typical human, I’m always in a rush to heal, pushing towards that ever looming, ever shifting, ever taunting goal post, elevating not much more than my own impatience.

And in the midst of one of these impatient flurries, there came a beautiful whisper from my soul … it is not so much to heal from the dis-ease as it is to heal with it. Our bodies are our greatest teachers, and it is the journey of healing from where we truly grow.

It is the opposite of what we’ve been taught. And it changes everything. Because it transforms the journey from an external race to the goal post into an inward reflection, a quiet exploration of self, a deeper inner listening to the medicine of our own hearts, the knowledge of our souls, and the forgotten power of our own bodies.

Everybody has their own idea of why we are here, and my version of this story is that we are here, in the most part, to become our higher selves. And so our struggles are unique to us, even if 50 million other people on the planet have the same diagnosis, no one is going through the exact same thing, and no one is ever going to heal in exactly the same way.

And for me, all these things I’m still healing are the very things that keep pulling me deeper into myself. And it’s beautiful, this meeting of me.

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