About Us

What She Said believes in the power of vulnerability. In the unedited truth. In growing through each other’s life epiphanies and playful discoveries. And most of all … in creating a space where it’s totally okay to be totally you.

We’re doing this to make it feel like you’re sitting around a table with some of your most trusted people. Women who have been there, done that. A place where women share only the things valuable enough to tell their closest friends … like their hard-won wisdom in life and play, their ideas, triumphs, and experiences.

It’s hopefully an awakening of a beautiful, powerful self.

And now, inspired by your feedback, our editor has finally embraced a deeper vulnerability in her dedicated new feature, The Healing Journey Of A Mad Woman.

No matter what she’s going through as an individual, as a woman, as a soul on an uncarved path, or as a human living with bipolar, she’s promised herself (and you) that she’ll be brave enough to share her journey with us.

One of our new regular contributors also includes the genius ‘other-thinking’ behavioural change therapist Natasha van Zyl (AKA Jellybean).

Because when one of us heals, we all heal.