Just One Career: It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon

Contrary to what you may believe, many people have more than one career interest. What’s more is that the average person changes their career path 3 to 4 times in their life time! So if you’re feeling uncertain about your career right now, please know you’re not alone.

Some people are lucky enough to have always known what it is that they would love to do for a living. Others have many interests and struggle to decide what it is that their life’s true passion is.

As a psychometrist and a career coach, I work with and help so many people realise their true calling. Some people don’t have a clue what their ‘calling’ or ‘purpose’ is and what their interests are. Some people have more than one. Both are okay!

We are on a journey of self-discovery every day of our lives, you will always be trying to figure out something about yourself. It’s called life and it is beYOUtiful.

The key is to figure out how to marry all of – or most of – your interests into a profitable career, and this is where a psychometrist and career coach may come in very handy. You will need to figure out your interests, talents, and personality, and segregate them into possible careers, hobbies, or both.

I have had many interests and only in my 30s have I had my ‘Aha’ moment of how to marry them all together.

I am a psychometrist, career coach, speaker, business woman, a model, a mother, wife, writer, mentor, entrepreneur and you know what? It all works for me!

Here are some of my top tips for you:

Figure out which one of your interests is a career that will bring you financial gain and which one is a potential hobby that brings you solitude. Sometimes all of your interests can bring you an income – in that case prioritise them. Which ones will attract your clients, and which ones will keep your clients coming back for more? For example if you enjoy writing in a journal every day, consider writing a blog for your business and set it as part of your marketing strategy. Get creative and think out the box.

Know your individual strengths and use these to market yourself. Know your interests. Know your values. Know your personality type and what makes you ‘tick’. This self-awareness is going to be the most invaluable tool you could ever possess in mapping out your future happiness and success.

And once you’ve figured out what all your career interests are …

Make sure you have your title ready when people ask you what you do. We often feel like we have to conform to an expected answer like I’m a lawyer, or I’m a marketing manager … stop trying to fit in! Rather stand out, follow your calling, make your mark and be the true you!

If you find yourself struggling to discover what it is that you’re meant to be doing with your life, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes our inner passions, talents, and interests have been supressed or forgotten, and sometimes we need a little help to discover our uniqueness.

Appreciate what you have … but become what you were meant to be.

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