Some Like It Cold: Top Winter Destinations

Photo credit: Yonatan Anugerah

Almost everyone I know is a summer person, people who wish they could shapeshift into bears just to hibernate when the leaves start turning and the Snowdrops raise their heads. But there are some who love pulling their scarves out their wardrobes, who live for the invigorating snap in the air, the mystical landscapes created by fallen snow.

And these are some of their favourite places.

Clarens, South Africa

Ingrid’s favourite winter destination is the arty Clarens nestled at the foothill of the Maluti Mountains.

‘It’s without doubt the jewel of the Eastern Free State. I love the quaint and cosy shops and the wonderful eateries with all their craft food and beverages. There’s so much in Clarens to fill your soul … poking around the galleries and getting your cultural fix, riding mountain bikes, packing a backpack and hiking, savouring the natural beauty … it’s heaven.

It’s also one of the best places to see snow in South Africa – and it’s just 3 and a half hours from Joburg!’


Jill, who loves nothing more than travelling to the iciest and most unusual destinations, says Iceland is the place that captured her heart the most.

‘Iceland’s dramatic landscape makes you feel like you’re living in a postcard. It’s that unbelievably beautiful. We travelled within the Golden Circle – a circular 300km sightseeing route that is nothing short of spectacular. The gushing, steaming geysers, the powerful rainbow-reflected waterfalls, the powdery snowy hills, and the heavenly feeling of bathing in the steaming waters of the Blue Lagoon with your face masked in pure white silica mud … those were just a few of the experiences that have left a lasting imprint on my heart.’

The Lake District, England

While Lindsay loves the privilege of travelling far and wide to sunshine-soaked destinations for work, every now and then she likes it cold too, and her favourite winter destination stands firm as the UK. Especially the Lake District.

‘Breathtaking scenery and rolling hills meet you at every bend in the road, and you’re guaranteed to find a friendly pub with a roaring fire to warm your bones after a day of exploring waterfalls, lakes and mountains. And when that fog rolls in … it encapsulates you in a quiet dream world filled with the smell of the earth and the bite of cold air.

It reminds you just how small you are and how wonderfully powerful Mother Nature can be.’

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