She Creates Art That I Just Want To Fall Into

Amanda Cass art
Art credit: Amanda Cass

One day I was la-la-la, merrily traipsing the web, when I suddenly fell into Amanda Cass’s dreamy, quirky, uplifting, soul-hushing, heart-fluttering art.

Hers are stories of love and hope and freedom. Of the wind in your hair, carefree moments, and brave adventures. A world where love conquers all.

This is the piece I first fell into. I wanted to be inside this painting. I wanted to be this girl, in this moment. And ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

A self-taught artist from New Zealand, Amanda Cass’s work is a mix of art and digital. Naïve, simplistic, and carefree.

Her female characters are surrounded with animals and love. Birds are her friends and almost constant companions.

She believes that her assignment in this world is to spread messages of love in ways that anyone can relate to.

And you don’t have to buy the original artwork. You can buy prints, t-shirts, and calendars too.

Thank you Amanda Cass. You paint the world the way I wish it could be.