11 Things I Didn’t Expect In My Pregnancy

Bailey Schneider
Bailey Schneider

Pregnancy for me, has been an amazing journey. It’s hard, it’s overwhelming, it’s miraculous and pretty damn incredible. You can try to prepare yourself, like taking pregnancy vitamins and reading up a bit about what to expect, but there are some body changes I wasn’t expecting.

I’m here, as your friend, to get into the nitty gritty. I hope you find this informative, and entertaining!

I decided to film a video and I had fun making it. It was hard to keep it short because I wanted to give you as much info as possible – from my personal experience… but also not bore you. So I’ve tried to keep it informative, and entertaining.

Disclaimer: I share personal things here and some would even say it’s TMI. I see it as honest sharing. I hope you enjoy!

This piece was cross posted with permission from Bailey’s blog Vanilla Blonde.

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