What To Do With Your Gazillion Digital Photos

Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska

All those digital photos. On your phone, your timeline, your laptop, your hard drive; beautiful moments buried under other random crap we’re too lazy to delete.

It’s so easy to snap them, post them, tag them, and then forget about them. So here’s a little creative push to dig up your favourites and bring them back into the real world.

Coffee Table Photo Books

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CoffeeTableBooks.co.za makes it beautifully easy to create your own themed coffee table photo books. Just pick an album design (like landscape, portrait, hardcover, paperback, personalised cover), download their simple drag and drop album maker, and start playing! Coffee table books are such a breezy way to relive your own good stories.

Magnetic Photo Squares

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We love the idea of turning your fridge into a gallery and we found this quick and easy DIY tutorial for creating your own Instagram-esque magnetic photo squares. But do think about laminating your photos before adhering them to the magnetic sheets.

Photo Wall Collages

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Photo wall collages: an old idea gets a new look. If the idea of framing puts you off because it’s either too pricy or too permanent, go frameless! Check out this inspired collection of the latest trends in photo wall layouts.

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