The Secrets Of Our Relationships

What makes love work?

Marakele: A Place Of Sanctuary

The place where I felt my soul draw back towards me.

Positive Affirmations: Do They Work Or Don’t They?

No empty promises. Just some real-life experiences from our collective she.

A New Year Liberation

Why my new goal is no goal.

Just One Career: It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

It’s not about conforming. It’s about discovering your uniqueness.

If You Love This Face …

Because we don’t need that chip, that chocolate, more than that orangutan needs a safe jungle home.

It’s All Just Stuff …

Fill up on experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. And never underestimate how a good clear out can unshackle your world.

Our ‘Other Thinking’ Gift Ideas

When we put a little thought into it, there are other ways to give … and these are some of our favourite ideas from our ‘collective she’.

Presence Not Presents

What do you think your children will remember? Will it be a gift you gave them? Or will it be something fun and meaningful you did together?

What Makes Us Feel Beautiful

Society’s conditioning is too damn good at making us feel old and fat and ugly. So what the hell do real people do when we don’t feel like we’re ‘measuring up’?